My Story

Hi, I'm Valerie Steinken, The Holistic Mystic.  I am a trauma-informed mystic, licensed massage and bodywork therapist, certified herbalist, certified sound therapist and ordained minister. I facilitate spiritual rebirth and integration with energywork and spiritual guidance or coaching in addition to hands-on bodywork. I am an inclusive therapist and an ally. I do not shock easily and consider my work to be that of a spiritual midwife, facilitating rebirth and growth. This can be messy work and often begins at some of the lowest points in life but with support, the rebirthing process is a beautiful one. Our goal is to build a foundation upon which you can sit and process while working through whatever it may be that brings you in. I use my empathetic and intuitive abilities, education, life lessons and over ten years of licensed experience to help others connect with their inner mystic and their own mystical paths to healing.  I am, like many others, a spiritual guide through darkness because I have experienced my own "walk through Hell" and learned how to navigate.  

I began this journey long before I realized but by the time I was 18 my intuitive abilities really began to grow. Like many of us, I wasn't prepared for the journey and I didn't pack well. Over the years I moved from state to state, city to city, seeking something that I knew existed, despite having no idea what it was. Along the way picking up modalities of healing and experiences that laid the foundation for my practice. I have worked with children, creating art and meditation programs that I had picked up from the various meditation centers and temples I had visited, but also from my time with Nature. I also volunteer for children in Cambodia and have traveled there 8 times to work with New hope for Cambodian Children, an orphanage for children with or affected by HIV/AIDS. I have had the opportunity to travel the world, visiting countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas. During those travels I absorbed culture, conversation, connection and realized my love for learning another person's story and helping them to heal the parts that cause them pain. As an empath, I have been able to connect so deeply with thousands of people across the world.

I moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin in early October 2018. In the summer of 2018 I was married, living in Oregon, working as a bodywork therapist, a coach for elementary school kids and teaching mindfulness programing for the boys and girls club when my life suddenly imploded and the illusion in which I was living shattered. Within four months I experienced a divorce from beginning to end, a debilitating car crash that left permanent damage to my spine, ultimately the loss of my ability to work and I was subsequently left with the option to sink or swim. Now that is not to say that it was an easy process, as a matter of fact, this was the most brutally painful and difficult period of my already growth-filled life. Nearly a year later my companion dog of 13 years suffered from a traumatic medical emergency and did not survive. Her loss was devastating and served as a catalyst for me to really heal down to my core, but first I had to process all of the painful things I had buried. The truth is, Pain Does Not Decompose When You Bury It.


Over the past three years, I have been gifted the painful opportunity to learn from my life lessons, deeply heal trauma and am happy to share my successes with others.  Life is continually presenting us a chance to grow and growth is painful. If we are not intentional, we will burn out and begin to cause ourselves more anguish than our life lessons intend for us to experience in the first place. I share my story with you because I believe it is a helpful reminder as the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh says "No Mud, No Lotus." My story is filled with successes and adversities, triumphs and struggles, joys and sorrows. Most importantly, it is one that is filled with learning, and I am here to learn yours and guide you on your journey of self discovery and healing.


My Approach

As an alternative, holistic therapist, I practice a very diverse range of modalities and have been a licensed bodywork therapist since August 2011.  I have developed my own style of bodywork that includes Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, sound therapy, energywork, aromatherapy, reflexology, Cupping, herbalism, spiritual guidance, tarot and intuitive reading called:  "ReviVal Therapy."

 My style of healing is rooted in ancient, traditional and nature-based methods, following the natural patterns of regeneration and rebirth. The closer we look at and work with the cyclical patterns of nature, the more we can access the energy within them.  As a therapist, I facilitate relief from the symptoms of trauma on multiple levels; spiritual rebirth, regeneration, integration and inner strength.